T-Bone-Racing Bumpers for Losi Ten-T

Product: Bumpers for Losi Ten-T
Manufacturer: T-Bone Racing
Price: 19.95 USD
Purchase Date: 12th August 2010
Web Catalog: http://www.t-bone-racing.com/catalog/i443.html

Mini Review

Not long ago I managed to “bump” with a basketball post at 40 km/h (25 mph). Knocked the engine out of alignment with the spur and broke the support joint between gearbox and front shock towers. While looking for repair parts I read about bumpers made by T-Bone Racing.  Why not; This time a gearbox, next time it may be the suspension arm or steering camber.

T-Bone Racing is confidence with their product and advertised: The new “N” series bumpers are more durable then the previous Delrin bumpers. They are so durable that they come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Few clicks later;  the new “Protecting your front and covering your rear” was ordered.

T-Bone Racing Bumpers

T-Bone Racing package

T-Bone Racing bumpers for Losi Ten-T

The Package
The first thing I notice is the “Made in USA”. Most parts in the RC world since the Chinese boom is written with small label “Made in China”. It’s really nice to see “Made in somewhere-else” once in a while.

In the package you can find front bumper, rear bumper, eight screws and two T-Bone Racing stickers. No instruction manual, but you don’t need it; installing the bumpers should be easy.

Build Quality
The bumpers are made from thick nylon, flexible enough to withstand a couple of front collision at high speed, eh well, in theory. The front bumper is wide enough to protect suspension arms, while the back bumper is big enough for… bad ass looking.

The screws are standard black coated screws.

It looks cheap to be that expensive; two nylon plates for 20 USD. Let hope they look better on the truggy.

Installing The Bumpers
Installing the bumpers is straight forward; unscrew the original screws and place the bumpers under the chassis. Use the screws from the package and fasten the bumpers.

It took less than five minutes to install.

Front Bumper

Front Bumper (top view)

As you can see, I left the orginal front bumper alone with the new T-Bone Racing bumper upon.

Rear Bumper

The bumpers are placed under the chassis and will act as a skid. They look robust and flexible enough to absorb some low and medium speed collision (less than 40 km/h). The front bumper is wide and hopefully it can protect the suspension arms.

The price tag at 19.95 USD is a little high, but acceptable, considering the bumpers add some protection to the truggy and look nice on the Ten-T.

At high speed collision; nothing will save your truggy. The bumpers may absorb some of the impact force and limit the destruction of the truggy. Ultimately, the best protection you can get is avoid head-on collision. Easier said than done.

This hobby is about having fun. Crashing and bashing is an unavoidable part of this sport.That’s why T-Bone Racing Bumpers will be a nice companion through the journey.

T-Bone Racing - Losi Ten-T

T-Bone Racing Front View

T-Bone Racing Rear View

T-Bone Racing Rear View

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