Futaba Safari-Buggy (wheels)

Before restoration

Front wheel is a 100/40mm and rear wheel is 105/60mm with a patented rim system to allow the tires to “fill” with air (airtight). There is no need insert foams inside the wheels. To allow the tires to keep air inside, the rims are based sandwhich prinsiple.

Patented rim system (plastics)

Two outer pieces press the tire together with the middle piece, secures with four screws. This system keeps the air inside the tire.

Rim system

Front wheel

Updated 8 September 2010:

Clean wheels. This is how they look like after few hours of cleaning.

Clean and polished

It's possible to have a flat tire...

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Futaba Safari-Buggy
– Wheels
Assembly Manual
Body Work pt.1
Body Work pt.2 – The Repair
Body Paint
Wind Shield
Muffler Restored
Body Paint completed
Engine Restored
Air seal the engine and install Perry Pump

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