Body Paint (Futata Safari-Buggy)

Read more about Futaba Safari-Buggy project:
Futaba Safari-Buggy
Assembly Manual
Body Work pt.1
Body Work pt.2 – The Repair
– Body Paint
Wind Shield
Muffler Restored
Body Paint completed
Engine Restored
Air seal the engine and install Perry Pump

My daughter voted for metalic blue for the body while I want some orange and yellow. To achive all the colours we want to use, I decided to go with hot rod style; front flame with orange and yellow while the rest of the body will be covered with metalic blue. The seats will be coverd with dark blue, purple or black.

Quick prime and front paint

A quick spray with plastic prime and paint the front with “signal orange” with slightly overlay of transperant yellow. The metalic blue on right rear is a quick test to see how the colour will match with orange.

Primed and painted the front

Masking and paint it blue

Quick flame masks and paint the body with metalic blue. White headlights, custome made wind shield and Steering wheel from my son tractor.

Metalic blue

Flame masks removed

Painting the seats

With headlights

Paint completed with wind shield

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