Simprop Spital Jeep American

Simprop Spital Jeep American

Release date: 1979
Type: FF Buggy
Drive: Shaft drive
Scale: 1:8
Engine: 3.0 – 3.5cc (.18 – .21 ci)
Length: 520mm (20.47 inch)
Width: 248mm (9.76 inch)
Wheelbase: 305mm (12.0 inch)
Weight: N/A
Suspension: 4-wheel independent. Not adjustable for front wheels, but adjustable for rear wheels.

Here it is, the Simprop Spital Jeep American, a rare FF driver with mid-mounted engine. The jeep was released in 1979. Bought in 1981 (6th October).

Most parts are in metal; the aluminium wheels, the main chassis is 4mm thick, steel transmission gears are made of aluminum with embedded rotating part of the front bearing and high quality universal joint with Daburuuisshubon front suspension.

The car condition is bad. The engine does run for two years ago but I can’t see any sign of after-run oil been used. Visually, I can see rear suspensions are broken and rust everywhere. The body is made of ABS plastic, it make a whole easier to fix any cracks, also easier to remove the old paint. Red paint is not a colour for a Jeep, I’ll repaint it with more “proper” colour. Role cage and front windshield is missing.

It’ll be a pleasure to restore her. The restoration will start within sprint 2011.

Read more:
– Simprop Spital Jeep American
Assembly Manual

Image from the box

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