Experimental for a perfect grilled oysters

Grilled Oysters

Most of you already know I love food. My motto has always been:


Me and my wife just bought 50 king size oysters. This is a great opportunity for us to do some experimental on how to make a great grilled oysters.  We’ve decided to grill em in  three different flavours, here are the main ingredients:

1. Tomatoes as main flavours with red chilli and spring onions.

My wife doesn’t believe tomatoes will go well with oysters. I do agree with her, but we need to try it out to be sure.

2. Red chilli and shallot in hot olive oil as main flavours with spring onions, coriander.

This may work, but we know the shallot will overwhelm the oysters.

3. Simple spring onions as main flavours, a little red chilli, Tabasco, coriander and Tequila/Sake.

We already know this combination will work!

General seasning: Pepper, dash of Tequila or Sake, olive oil.

Tip: Avoid all ingredients contain salt.

As you can see, we always has red chilli or few drops of Tabasco to give a small kick and enhance the taste.

Drink: Oyster in a shot glass with a dash lime, topped with a good quality tequila.

Verdict: I post my verdicts as soon they are eaten 🙂

Update: Now that we have enjoyed the food, here is our verdicts.

1. By all surprise this is the best combination of flavours. The souring and sweet taste from tomato does enhance the oysters and perfect balance with the saltiness of the oysters. My really wife loves this combination.

2. The shallot gives a great taste but overpower coriander and spring onion. Overall, it’s good but not as great as tomato receipt.

3. This combination will not fail you, it’s simple; so is the taste. In my opinion, it’s to simple.

What next? I’ll soon try out other flavours like cheese or black beans for some Asian tastes.

One response to this post.

  1. Some tips:
    – Prepare the ingredients by fine chop them.
    – Preheat olive oil and take it out of the heat, if the oil is to hot; let it rests a little and add fine chopped spring onions into the oil. We want to extract the flavour at the same keep the fresh green colour of the onion.
    – Do the same with shallot, half or one shallot is enough, we just want to extract the flavour out of the shallot.
    – Mix olive oil of spring onion and shallot together, it will be your base for the oysters. Now that you have a base, you can add any other ingredients of your choice.
    – Red chilli; we want the good chilli taste, not the overwhelming heat from the chilli. Which mean you need to remove all the seeds before find chop the chilli.
    – Remember, lot of juices will come from oysters, so be careful with the juice and seeds from tomatoes.
    – Few dash of white wine, tequila or sake will enhance the taste oysters. It will give a refreshing taste.

    You may already guessed, it’s all about taste. Try to balance them, don’t put every ingredients into one oysters. Don’t let them overwhelm good taste from the oysters.

    If you want some kick from chilli, I suggest you try few drop of Tabasco. While red chilli will be added just for flavour. Don’t forget fresh lime.


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