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Simprop Spital Jeep Amarican Assembly Manual

Here is the manual: (click to download/view)

Simprop Spital Jeep Amarican Assembly Manual

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Simprop Spital Jeep American

Finally, Samsung 558705 has arrived

samsung 558705

We waited for one and half month for this TV to arrive. I was about to cancel the order if it doesn’t arrive this week. I’ll soon write a quick mini review.

But first, a lot of tuning to do.

Wind Shield (Futaba Safari-Buggy)

Home re-production of the Futaba Safari-Buggy Wind Shield

I bought 2 mm plexiglas, Poly(methyl methacrylate), and made the wind shield. With heat gun I bent the plexi and cut it with Dremel. Pretty simple but I failed on the first attempt. This is my second attempt, not quite perfect but will do for now.

Read more about Futaba Safari-Buggy project:
Futaba Safari-Buggy
Assembly Manual
Body Work pt.1
Body Work pt.2 – The Repair
Body Paint
– Wind Shield
Muffler Restored
Body Paint completed
Engine Restored
Air seal the engine and install Perry Pump

Wind Shield

Kyosho Bridgestones Sand Super tires (2.2 inch)

Kyosho Bridgestones Sand Super 2.2 (NIB)

Kyosho Bridgestones Sand Super TR17 Spike Tire 2.2″ (TR13,  505/55/2.2)

I got luck, this is the last pair available in Norway. Treasure hunt for another pair is on.
The tires will be used in my next restoration project; Kyosho Field Baja Beetle (QRC). Not quite a vintage, but close enough. (click here for more info)

Just bought a pair of Kyosho Ribbed Front Truck Tires (2.2 inch, part number: UM14) from eBay. These tires are used for Ultima ST but I may use these as front wheels for my Beetle.

Kyosho 2.2" Ribbed Front Truck Tires

For the record; I’m still searching for a pair of Super Sand spike tire.

Updated 19 Sept. 2010:
I just ordered a pair of Kyosho Bridgestones Sand Super 2.2 (TR17) from A Main Hobbies ( Not the same as TR13, but close enough.


Kyosho Mint Las Vegas fuel tank

Epoxy was used to keep aluminium fuel tube in place

The fuel tank was painted in red, most likely with water-based hobby paint. Both aluminun tubes was held in place with epoxy.

As we can see from the picture, the epoxy and the paint got disolved by nitro fuel.

The color simply disolved after 5 minutes in hot water

I put the tank in hot water for 5 minutes and the paint can easily be removed. Once the paint was removed I installed the fuel coupler.

Red paint is removed with hot water and new coupler is installed

Not sure I want to repaint it (this time with proper paint). Not even sure I want to fix those “Powered by” and “O.S. Engine” stickers or just remove them.

Hot Bodies Fuel Tank Coupler w/Nut

Hot Bodies Fuel Tank Coupler w/Nut

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Firing up OS 52 for the first time
Parts list

OS 52 is running… (Mint Las Vegas)

I managed to mod my cheap starter box (Dynamite Torque-Start).

Modded Starter Box

.. and it’s time to test the engine.

It took me few minutes before she finally ignited. I’ve to open the needle-valve about 3 turns from fully closed possition and throttle arm within 50% of  the fully closed possition. She ran very rich and cutoff around 10% of fully closed throttle arm.

I’ve never run any 4-stroke before, but I’m quite sure she was running rich and need to tune both needle-valve and idling-mixture.

One thing for sure; she sounds beautifully.

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Fuel tank

Kyosho Mint Las Vegas (vintage)

Kyosho Mint Las Vegas - Circuit 2000 Series

Length : 520 mm
Width : 290 mm
Height : 170 mm
Wheel Base : 314 mm
Weight : 2850 grams

Kyosho Mint Las Vegas is a 1/8 scale RC buggy, 2WD with chain transmission from the successfully Circuit 20 series. The buggy arrived to the marked around mid 80s (1984/1985) as a part of Circuit 2000 series.

I got my Kyosho Mint Las Vegas on the 12th of August 2010 with following modification:

  • O.S 52, 4-Stroke engine

  • Parry pump

Parry Pump - VP-20 Oscillating pump

Parry Pump - VP-20 Oscillating pump

  • 40 x 40mm electric cooling fan for the engine.
  • Kyosho Sand Super tire (on road)

Kyosho Sand Super

  • New shocks

A lot of work need to be done before she can hit the road:

  • Need to modify starter box to start the O.S 52 engine. (done, read it here)
  • Find a way to add a remote glow plug adapter. The glow plug is blocked by the role cage.
  • Modify carburetor for air filter. O.S 52 was an engine ment for airplane without any air filter. Before this buggy hits the road, I need to make sure she has an air filter. Alternative modification is replacing the carburetor with another carb ment for RC car.
  • Fix the fuel tank. (done, read it here)
  • Mount new RX antenna.
  • Add the brake caliper and linkage. Due to the large 4-stroke and cooling fan, the brake linkage from the servo to the caliper is blocked. She will not be road ready until some kind of brake is in place.

Kyosho Mint Las Vegas

Kyosho Mint Las Vegas

Engine OS 52 4-stroke

Engine, fan and the perry pump

User manual: (click on image)

OS 52 is running…
Fuel tank
Parts list

Length : 520 mm

Width: 290 mm

Wheel Base : 314 mm

Height : 170 mm

Weight : 2850 grams